make a statement

I have a confession: I love jewelry but I don't wear it as often as I should. For starters, my jewelry box is a little -- shall we say -- chaotic. I've done my best to implement some organizing strategies (stacking bracelets on empty wine bottles, placing necklaces on hangers, buying multiple ring holders, etc.), but even those tricks can only do so much when you have limited space. As a result, I'm very intentional about the jewelry I wear. Rarely does anything ever get casually thrown on. Instead, I select an outfit and carefully consider the pieces I own, and what would best complement the overall look. And truth be told, that can sometimes be a very exhausting process (#firstworldproblems, am I right?). So that's one of the reasons why I love statement necklaces. Little to no planning ahead is required. You wear the piece and it does all of the work for you. I mean, its job is literally to make a statement. A statement necklace is that rare piece of jewelry that can be worn on its own and steal the show. It can make it seem as though you tried super hard to look extra put-together that morning. Effortless glamour? Yes, please!

The Lola Floral Necklace from Lemon Honey Jewelry is the quintessential statement necklace. It features a bold gold chain, dazzling pink-tone gemstones, and enough sparkle to last a lifetime (or at least through happy hour). I love that the chain is adjustable enough to give the wearer options -- you can wear it a little higher up near your collarbone, or lower toward your chest. Did I mention this beauty is only $20?! However, it's sure to sell out quickly so be sure to grab one before it's gone!

Necklace: Lemon Honey Jewelry (c/o)

Top: Charlotte Russe

Pants: Zara (similar)

Shoes: ShoeMint (similar)