owning it

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." -- Elizabeth Taylor

When I'm feeling down on my luck, frustrated, and/or hopeless, this quote instantly provides me with some much-needed perspective and empowerment. No matter how horrible of a day you may be having, you have the ability to turn it around. Sure, you might not be able to control what's happening, but you can control how you respond to said happenings. And sometimes, the best way to respond to negativity or to things simply not going how you'd like is to do just what Ms. Taylor suggests -- after all, a little wine and a red lip can go a very, very long way.

I would add one footnote to her advice: throw on a little black dress and own it.  Even if you don't have anywhere fancy or special to go, you will instantly feel at least ten times more capable and confident. And on bad days, an extra ounce of "I got this" can make all the difference. It's really quite amazing how much your appearance can affect your mood and mental state.

What's so great about the LBD is that -- with very little effort -- you can look impossibly put-together. Moreover, LBDs come in a plethora of shapes and styles, so you're sure to never get bored with the look (although the LBD is so timeless that boredom is kind of irrelevant). Take, for instance, the "Trista" -- a spotlight-stealing, strapless LBD from Tobi. It's one of my favorite new additions to my wardrobe. I love the plunging neckline combined with the asymmetrical hemline -- it's revealing yet playful (plus, the boning in the bust helps to ensure that the girls will stay put). The draping throughout adds a ton of drama and interest so accessories can be kept to a minimum. The fit is absolutely perfect -- I don't feel at all constricted or uncomfortable wearing this piece. Best of all, you get 50% off your first Tobi order, which means you can treat yourself without dealing with the inevitable pangs of guilt or regret.

I paired this dress with silver ankle strap sandals and hoop earrings with dangling moonstones. The pops of metallic brighten up the LBD without taking away from its magnetic silhouette. I like that the overall look is polished yet edgy and slightly unexpected. And with an ensemble like this, what challenge or obstacle couldn't you overcome?

Dress: Tobi (c/o)

Earrings: Ashiana London (via Rocksbox)

Shoes: Steve Madden