blue is the warmest color

One of my favorite styling tips is mixing textures. I love the way a chunky knit sweater looks against a sleek leather skirt, or how a silky top pops against tweed trousers. For this look, I paired a black lace skirt with a gray cotton T-shirt and opaque black tights. A cobalt blue coat adds a pinch of color without going overboard. While I tend to avoid wearing open toe shoes with tights, I like that this outfit felt perfectly "transitional" -- you get the warmth of the coat mixed with the springy, strappy stilettos. It's a great in-between-seasons ensemble. Plus, the black heels against the black tights creates a clean line without coming across as boring or predictable (a pair of booties or pumps wouldn't have been as interesting). The icing on top of the cake is this stunning statement necklace from Mad Fads. The crystal embellishments are almost ceremoniously placed against this beautiful gold setting -- it honestly reminds me of something an ancient queen or empress would have worn, but with a modern twist. Plus, this piece is totally versatile. It would look fabulous over a white button-up or a graphic tee. The best part? At $25, it's a total steal!

Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar)

T-shirt: American Apparel

Coat: Tulle (similar)

Tights: Target

Necklace: Mad Fads (c/o)

Shoes: Zara (similar)

Wallet: Michael Kors (similar)