a pinch of purple

I can't lie. If colors were a religion, mine would be the Church of Neutral. When I'm not wearing black, I'm wearing gray, brown, cream, or white. I don't experiment with color very well. Now don't get me wrong -- I do like color, but sometimes wearing colors takes so much effort. Does this shade match with that hue? It does? Oh, well, does it match too much? Because being super matchy-matchy is definitely worse than not matching at all. It's exhausting.

But some clothing items come with what I call "built-in hints" that help the wearer figure out which colors would best complete the overall look. Take, for instance, this perfect summertime sundress. It's flowy, purple, and has the most darling floral detail in green and orange. Taking a cue from the dress itself, I paired it with complementary orange and beige wedges. I added a vintage gold bangle for a little bling and '70s-inspired, oversized sunglasses for an ultra-glam effect.

I guess wearing color isn't all that bad.

Dress: Ark & Co.

Wedges: Dolce Vita (similar)

Bracelet: Vintage (similar)

Sunglasses: H&M (similar)