europe lookbook: madrid

Madrid. Oh, where to begin? It's special. It was the first place I ever visited in Europe. I was 16 — wide-eyed and already drunk on wanderlust. I blame that on my parents. They're two immigrants from exotic locales, and from a young age they instilled in me an appreciation for adventure and travel. I was always itching to get out there

Madrid was the last stop on my recent grand European adventure — and rightly so. It's simply monumental. The music. The art. The vino. The tapas — oh, the tapas! Paris may be "a moveable feast," but Madrid is a delicious experience. 

Time moves both fast and slow here. While you're wandering the cobblestone streets and meandering through graffiti-lined alleys, it seems as if you're immortal in this place. Walking through history tends to have that effect. But then once you leave, it's hard not to wonder where all that time went. Quite simply, you can never have too many days in Madrid. 

This look was built for exploring the city comfortably, yet it still expresses personality and commands attention with unexpected accessories and ultra-feminine floral prints. I actually picked up this entire outfit while in Madrid; it was one of the few splurges I allowed myself during our two-week stint abroad. I picked up the pieces (necktie, dress, and boots) separately without realizing they would work so well together.

It turned out to be a match made in Madrid — which, let's be honest, is essentially heaven. 



Mekita Rivas