europe lookbook: paris

Paris is a place that completely lives up to the hype. Everything you've heard about Paris is true. It's a magical world where everyone — and I mean everyone — is impossibly chic, where the baguettes are inexplicably more delicious than any old American bread, and where life is somehow infinitely more romantic than you could've ever imagined. 

Without a doubt, Paris is for dreamers and lovers alike. I recently returned to the City of Light after an eight-year hiatus. When I first visited Paris, I was an 18-year-old college sophomore who was desperate for ~worldly~ experience. I got all that and more. Cliché as it may sound, I fell for Paris instantly. The culture. The music. The food. The fashion

Ah yes, the fashion. It is what the city is known for after all. One could make the argument that without Paris, there is no fashion. Quite simply: Paris is fashion. 

Needless to say, deciding what to wear on the streets of Paris is an extremely stressful and anxiety-inducing process. Parisians, I've noticed, aren't ones for trends. You want to wear something classic and effortless — but that also conveys your personality. 

For my first full day in the city, I built a look around a centerpiece of Parisian style: the turtleneck. I used to hate turtlenecks when I was younger, but I've slowly developed an affinity for them. To me, they are an integral part of a "grown-up" wardrobe. I paired this beige one with a black pleated maxi skirt, colorblocked poncho, statement necklace, and black patent leather ballet flats to create an ensemble that's uniquely me but also très Paree



turtleneck: Brooks Brothers (similar) // skirt: The Limited (similar) // poncho: Uniqlo (similar) // necklace: vintage (similar) // shoes: J. Crew (similar)

Mekita Rivas