a maxi moment in miami

I remember the first maxi dress I purchased. It was a beautiful, flowing piece of work. Scratch that. It was a beautiful, flowing piece of art. It had a halter neckline, which is a really flattering cut on someone like me with a small chest but broad shoulders. It featured the most colorful and vibrant tropical-inspired floral pattern I had ever seen. It was the ideal length; grazing the floor just-ever-so-slightly. It was, in a word, perfect.

I also remember the first time I wore that dress. I was sort of, kind of, but not really seeing this guy in college. He was going back home for the summer, and I thought wearing that amazing dress on our last date before he left would make him realize how amazing I was, and then he'd ask me to be his girlfriend and it would be this magical fairytale ending out of your typical Hollywood rom-com.

Thankfully, that didn't end up happening (he turned out to be a bit of jerk). But, I do still own that dress and I've been infatuated with maxi dresses ever since. I mean, what's not to love about maxi dresses? They're impossibly feminine and yet sooooo easy to wear it should be a crime. You literally just throw it on and -- boom! -- you're Athena or some other equally gorgeous goddess. No Spanx, sucking in, or questioning your self-worth required.

So you can imagine my excitement when The Mint Julep Boutique invited me to review and style one of their fabulous pieces! Their inventory is expansive -- whether you need a fancy cocktail dress, some summertime sandals, or a killer statement necklace -- they've got you covered.

The Mint Julep Boutique boasts a collection of maxi dresses that is absolutely jaw-dropping. Each one is unique and can be styled in so many ways. What I love about this piece, the "Smooth as Flutter" Maxi Dress, is... well, I love everything about it. Ha! But okay, what really caught my attention first and foremost is its pretty peach color. Peach is a quintessentially summer hue -- it just screams bellinis, BBQ, and walks along the beach. I also adore the halter style neckline that (as aforementioned) is universally flattering but that especially works on my body type. The cascading ruffles that drape over the chest are girly and romantic, and the exposed back is oh-so sultry!

In true beach bum style, I kept this look very low-key. I wore my beach footwear of choice: Havaianas. I've been wearing these sandals for years now, and I pretty much refuse to wear any other brand of flip-flop. They are so comfortable and come in the cutest colors and designs that are perfect for warmer weather. I also paired the dress with my "Hello Adventure" tote from Hello Totes (pretty much the cutest totes ever), which was perfect for carrying all of my beach essentials. I wore my new favorite piece of jewelry, this stunning Signature Gold Dipped Arrowhead pendant necklace from JES Design Studio. I'm telling you, this necklace will go with anything and everything. As someone who doesn't like to pile on a lot of jewelry during the summer months, it's so important to have simple pieces that still shine and make a statement.

Dress: The Mint Julep Boutique (c/o)

Tote: Hello Totes (c/o)

Necklace: JES Design Studio (c/o)

Sunglasses: Komono

Shoes: Havaianas