sashay in stripes

So first thing's first: I can't believe it's already March! This year is flying by, but unfortunately, spring has been stubborn to arrive. It's still freezing and windy here in D.C., and I'm so ready for some warmth. I'm a notorious wuss when it comes to the cold, which means I spend the majority (if not all) of my time indoors during the winter months. And although hibernating comes with its share of perks (blankets + tea + Netflix = my jam), I need spring to hurry up so I can get out there

Until then, I'll be reminiscing about sunny days, farmer's markets, and fresh blooms. I can't wait to pack away my sweaters and turtlenecks in exchange for more vibrant and fluid pieces, i.e. these striped culottes from Zara. I bought them last summer, and they were on major rotation. I wrote about the plain black pair that I also own, which I just so happened to style with one of my favorite striped tops. 

What can I say? I know what I like. 

Until next time,


Mekita Rivas