the right stripes

It's only January, but I'm already springing forward and thinking about how I can transition from a cool to a warm weather wardrobe. One of my favorite tricks is to wear conservative silhouettes in lighter fabrics. I'm particularly obsessed with these breezy culottes from Zara. They're the perfect length — long enough to be office appropriate, yet still playful and not too structured like a typical trouser. 

This striped blouse is one of my favorite thrift store finds. The colors are bold and a little retro, but the shape is super modern and current. (Fun fact: It actually has a cute tie at the waist, but it's tucked in for these photos.) I rarely wear this much color because, well, color can take a lot of effort, but it's fun to have pieces that make it so easy. 

What I love most about this look, though, are the accessories. These slingback stilettos are totally not my style, but when I saw them on ridiculous sale at Nordstrom Rack, I had to give them a shot. Again, I like that they err on the conservative side, but the peep toe adds a bit of fun. The Signo Purse by Leather & Thread is an absolute must-have. It's a classic piece that's the perfect card/cash holder, and the sleek handmade leather really makes a statement. 

Cheers to brighter (and warmer) days,


Mekita Rivas