winter white

I'm a firm believer that (most) rules are meant to be broken -- especially fashion rules. Even the phrase "fashion rule" sounds unbearably paradoxical. Fashion is all about taking risks, about expressing one's self unapologetically. And if that means breaking a few rules along the way, then so be it. Take, for example, the old fashion adage that white shouldn't be worn after Labor Day/before Memorial Day. Now I must admit, I rarely wear white even when it's deemed "appropriate." I'm just way too accident-prone/clumsy to rock white on a regular basis. But still, a girl's gotta have options, right?

There's something about wearing white in the wintertime that's just so badass. It's like you're telling everyone that despite what the rules say, you don't care. Because after all, looking (and feeling) good is what matters first and foremost.

These white skinny jeans definitely evoke warmer weather. I can easily envision them with a pretty coral top and beige wedges -- boom! -- instant spring chic. But since spring is still a few weeks away, I had to cool these down a bit. To do that, I paired them with some unexpected pieces and textures -- a distressed denim jacket and black, patent leather oxfords. I love the intentional "clashing" of different elements to create an overall look instead of letting any one piece steal the spotlight. A loose, black T-shirt keeps everything chill and casual.

The real stunner here is this gorgeous necklace by Okru. Each piece in the Okru collection is lovingly handmade with polymer clay. Best of all, each piece is completely one-of-a-kind. According to Okru's designer, Meagan, "each piece in the Okru collection is designed with the belief that each impression, color combination, imperfection or fingerprint, only add to the one of a kind quality of each Okru piece." As someone who really values individuality, I can honestly say that the Okru designs are even more breathtaking and unique in person. The best part? I'm currently giving away this very piece (the Mako necklace) on my Instagram. And take it from me, you definitely want this necklace in your jewelry box!

Jeans: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Jacket: Gap (similar)

T-shirt: Gap (similar)

Shoes: TJ Maxx (similar)

Necklace: Okru (c/o)