falling for fringe

Fringe. Just say that out loud for a second. Fahhhriiinge. What a fun word, right? I'm a firm believer that fringe is just as much fun to wear as it is to say. Regrettably, I don't own nearly as much fringe as I should. But I'm seeing it absolutely everywhere in the blogosphere, most notably on Olivia Lopez, the gorgeous gal behind one of my favorite blogs (and constant source of envy), Lust for Life. Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life

While owning that gorgeous Tularose jacket is currently out of my budget, I can still incorporate fringe into my fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. Case in point: these fabulous suede, cognac-colored boots with fringe detail. Everything about them screams FALL. They're such a fun statement piece (not to mention super comfortable to wear -- bonus!).

Speaking of statement pieces, let's talk about this gorgeous printed kimono I scored at Be Yourself boutique right here in Lincoln. The color palette -- cream, red, brown, forest green -- is so rich and emblematic of all that this season is about: warmth, coziness, the calm before the long slumber of winter sets in. While I normally gravitate away from combining multiple statement pieces in one outfit, I felt like branching out of my comfort zone. To ensure that the look didn't appear clownish or over-the-top, I kept everything as neutral as possible with a beige tank top and dark denim jeans. A single agate stone necklace perfectly complements this autumn-inspired ensemble.

Boots: Urban Outfitters (similar)

Kimono: Be Yourself boutique (similar)

Tank top: H&M

Jeans: Victoria's Secret

Necklace: Buffalo Exchange (check your local thrift stores for affordable, similar styles)