october reflections

October is a good month. Nay, October is a great month. Fall is in full swing and that cool chill in the air signals another year winding down, another opportunity to reflect on all that's happened in the past ten months. I've now been back in Nebraska for more than a year (14 months to be exact) and in that time, I have:

  • faced many professional challenges that have forced me to grow not only as a career woman but as a woman in general;
  • dealt with family issues (some more stress-inducing than others) that have taught me about where I come from, who I am, and what I expect of myself in the future;
  • continued to nurture and build upon the relationship between my boyfriend and I, and every day I am more and more grateful for his love and support;
  • started this blog (!!!) -- a huge accomplishment after years of talking about doing so;
  • seen several ups and downs, but continue to have faith that I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Being in this contemplative mood has influenced my wardrobe choices. I've been leaning toward neutral palettes (well, more so than usual) and opting for classic, minimalist pieces. For this look, I paired a jean jacket (quintessential Americana) with a hi-lo sundress and my fall footwear of choice (these cognac suede booties previously seen here and here). Okay, okay, I have a confession to make: this isn't actually a sundress. It's technically a nightgown that I found buried in the clearance racks at Target. Can you believe it?! For me, fashion is all about rule-breaking. So while most people wouldn't think to search the sleepwear aisle for their everyday apparel, if you do, it just might pay off.

Jacket: Gap

Nightgown (worn as dress): Target

Shoes: Forever 21 (similar)

Sunglasses: Komono (similar)