floral & rock 'n' roll

What I love most about fashion is how inspiration can strike at any given moment. And often, it manifests in the most surprising and unexpected ways. Such was the case with this ensemble. I snagged these fabulous floral print shorts earlier this summer but haven't found quite the right look for them. However, as the humid days turned into cool nights, inspiration struck.

One of my go-to styling tricks for getting the most mileage out of warm weather shorts is pairing them with tights, which can add an entirely different dimension to any outfit. I've worn shorts in December thanks to a nice (and thick) pair of tights!

I wore a white halter top, tucked in, and completed the look with black finishes (leather jacket, belt, wedge booties). All together, this outfit is a little floral, a little rock 'n' roll -- and I love it!

Top: Eva Mendes Collection at New York & Company (similar)

Shorts: New York & Company (similar)

Jacket: Express (similar)

Wedges: Target (similar)

Tights: Target (similar)

Belt: Charlotte Russe (similar)