9 to 5

So believe it or not, I'm not one of those fashion bloggers who makes zillions of dollars per post (though one can dream, right?). Like the majority of folks, I have a regular ol' 9 to 5 job that keeps my bills paid (and my closet full). I've hesitated to expand my posts into the workwear world because, to be honest, I'm really not a fan of your average pantsuit. However, although workwear isn't my forte, it's essential to know the basics of dressing professionally.

When it comes to workwear, my motto is err on the conservative side. You can always take off a blazer if your sleeveless top ends up being more workplace-friendly than you anticipated, but you can't magically add sleeves if all of your colleagues are wearing button-ups and suits! That being said, conservative is not synonymous with boring.

Take, for example, the pencil skirt. It's slimming and refined, without looking dated or frumpy. You can combine a pencil skirt with virtually any top and the overall look will be polished and classic. In this instance, I paired a dark gray pencil skirt with a quintessential white button-up (a workwear staple, if you ask me). I tend to avoid open-toe shoes at work because -- unless you're one of the lucky ones whose office job is actually in the fashion industry -- they can come across as risqué and sloppy. So I completed this look with white closed-toe pumps that elongate my legs and brighten up the entire ensemble.

Skirt: Banana Republic (similar)

Shirt: Joe Fresh

Heels: eBay (similar)

Sunglasses: H&M (similar)