currently lusting: janessa leone hats

As I dive deeper and deeper into the world of fashion blogging, I've quickly noticed that there are certain designers who bloggers prefer to wear and support. More often than not, those designers are the likes of Maison Martin Margiela, ValentinoCéline, Balenciaga, among others -- all of whom I definitely cannot afford to wear. And to be honest, it's kind of depressing! All of the top bloggers seem to have the latest designer bags, heels, and sunglasses and one can't help but wonder: HOW?!

Well, for starters, the top fashion bloggers in the world make bank. Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller is reportedly worth $8.1 million. Yes, you read that right, 8.1 million DOLLARS! If only we could all be so lucky.

Fortunately, not everything that's popular among even the most elite bloggers is out of reach. Take, for instance, hats by LA-based milliner Janessa Leone. In addition to completing the looks of (seemingly) every fashion blogger in the world, her hats are also a must-have for many celebrities and models.

All Janessa Leone hats are handmade, ensuring that each one is expertly crafted -- and you can definitely tell. Each design is so classic and really evokes a sense of yesteryear, of those days when apparel and accessories were made just for you by the local tailor. All of the designs are less than $200 and, while that may not be pocket change for most of us, when compared to other pricey labels, that doesn't seem so bad -- especially when you get a perfectly tailored and timeless hat made just for you. A Janessa Leone hat is at the top of my wishlist and hopefully I can splurge on one soon!