j. lo hat

One of my greatest fashion inspirations has always been Jennifer Lopez. Not only is she Latina like yours truly, she's also a triple threat with killer style and enviable levels of confidence. In short, I want to be her. But I suppose since that can't be arranged, my next best option is to emulate her. One of the pieces that I've always considered quintessential J. Lo is the floppy hat. She was the first celebrity I ever saw rocking it and I just love how in-control yet glamorous she looks.

The thing is, I have a serious love-hate relationship with hats. All hats. From beanies to fedoras to sunhats and everything in between, it's really hard for me to find a hat that A) fits and B) I like. I don't know if I have an abnormally large head or what, but most "one size fits all" hats don't even make it halfway down my head without squeezing my brain into a likely concussion. So when I do find a hat that fits both my head and my style, I swoop it up right away. Case in point with this J. Lo-inspired hat from Charlotte Russe. After trying it on at the store, I bought it almost immediately. I knew this was a rare opportunity to finally channel my inner Jenny from the block. 

As with all my other outfits as of late, I built this look around one central item. Since the hat is a dark brown with black trim, I wanted to keep everything else relatively neutral. I wore a flowy cream blouse with black lace trim, black skinny jeans, and my trusty black-and-wood strappy heels. The only pops of color I chose were these coral sunglasses (though they're more translucent in real life) and a red lip (which is almost always essential, if you ask me).

Hat: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Top: Vintage (thrifted at Buffalo Exchange)

Jeans: Gap (similar)

Shoes: Deena & Ozzy

Sunglasses: Komono