Canadian tux

When it comes to fashion, I'm all about rule-breaking. For instance, I think brown and black can and should be worn together, and that white is perfectly fine past Labor Day (all-white winter looks are SO chic!). Another example of my acts of fashion rebellion is wearing denim on denim. This is also known as the Canadian tuxedo. To be fair, calling it that sounds awfully stereotypical and kind of mean, considering I've never even been to Canada. I'm assuming the name comes from the generalization that all Canadians are rural countrymen who have bad style. So I guess it could also be called the Nebraskan tuxedo if we're naming trends based solely on backwards stereotypes. I digress.

The key to wearing denim on denim is two-fold. First, have confidence. And a lot of it. This is not a look to be worn by the faint of heart. Second, you have to get the washes juuuuust right. Avoid wearing completely opposite washes (super faded up top, super dark on the bottom), but also avoid being too matchy-matchy. I know, it's tricky. I recommend picking the jeans first and then finding the perfect complement on top next. So for this look, I opted for really light wash jeans that feature sandy white fading on the thighs and bum. I cuffed 'em to add a little structure, and to help show off the boots. I went about two shades darker up top with a jean jacket. I probably wouldn't go any darker (or lighter) than two shades. The goal is contrast, but not so much that you go blind. I finished the look with a plain white T-shirt (think James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause), rustic camel-colored suede leather boots, and a vintage army green backpack from a military surplus store. Overall, the outfit conveys a sense of casual ease, and makes me feel like a vagabond wandering along the open road.

Jeans: Gap

Jacket: Gap

T-shirt: Hanes

Boots: MTNG Originals

Backpack: Vintage (check your local military surplus store for something similar)