printed pants

For about a year and a half, I've been building up my printed pants collection. It's totally my new fashion thing. Don't me get wrong, I'll never let go of my favorite dark denim bootcut jeans or black skinnies. But there's something so refreshing about throwing on a pair of wildly printed pants (that also fit remarkably well) and just doing the damn thing. My two favorite spots for loading up on printed pants are Gap and H&M. Not only are the price points reasonable, but the fits are always flattering and on-point. I scooped up these particular pants at H&M about a year ago. When I lived in Arizona, I was literally down the street from the nearest H&M and let's just say that I never had extra spending money as a result. One of the pitfalls of moving back to Nebraska is the stark difference in shopping available. What Lincoln does really well is cater to smaller shops and locally owned boutiques that offer some great, unique pieces. However, I can't always afford to splurge on an $80 pair of pants and that's where places like H&M really help fill that void. Thankfully, an H&M is set to open in Omaha in a few months and I can barely contain my excitement! (Although I'm sure my bank account is dreading that day.)

As I've often discussed, the key to making printed anything work is to neutralize the rest of the outfit. Here, I offset the black/navy/maroon/white print of the pants with all-black-everything. I avoided accessories to really make the outfit all about the pants. I juxtaposed the feminine ruffle detail of the top with the structured, hyper-masculine feel of the boots. The weather has been all kinds of crazy lately (welcome to Nebraska) and it's frustratingly difficult to deal with. Still, I'd rather be caught with a coat when I don't need one than caught without a coat when I do need one. If it gets too hot, I take advantage of the opportunity to swing the coat around my shoulder -- it's all about giving off that effortless, "play it cool" James Dean vibe.

Pants: H&M

Top: Gap

Coat: BB Dakota

Boots: H&M

Sunglasses: Komono (similar)