purple & prints

When it comes to prints, I have my go-to favorites: tribal, chevron, stripes, floral. In that order. While I love donning an uber-feminine floral frock, those prints become harder to wear with age -- at least without looking like a 20-something perpetually stuck in little girlhood. As such, I'm pretty particular about which florals I choose. Color is key; anything too pink or too yellow is a no-no. What makes this blouse so special is that it's one of those things that I've always intended to wear, but every time I've reached for it amid everything else in my closet, I've always just thought, "Meh. Maybe some other time." Does anybody else experience this phenomenon? You save certain clothes to be worn on special, magical, Harry Potter-like adventures because your daily life is not interesting enough?

Well you know what? Your life is interesting, damn it, and CARPE EFFING DIEM. Wear that purple printed blouse! (Or whatever equally bold article of clothing you've been hoarding in your closet.)

Now while I really admire the whole mixed-print trend, I'm still working to perfect it. So I played it safe by pairing this blouse with a plain ol' black bodycon skirt and black tights (bodycon anything is rarely office appropriate, but with the right tights, it can work). I wore my favorite black heeled booties to elongate my silhouette. Plus, they've got a tough, slightly industrial look to them, which nicely contrasts the soft, flowy vibe of the floral print. I kept accessories to a minimum and wore one sparkly silver rose ring -- garden glam, I like to call it -- to complete the look.




Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Victoria's Secret PINK

Tights: Target

Ring: Vintage

Shoes: Charlotte Russe