paris and pencil skirts

This being the inaugural post on my style blog (!!!), it's a bit ironic/embarrassing that I'm opting to make my first daily outfit photo one of me in a turtleneck. Let's make one thing clear: I do not like turtlenecks. I mean aside from the few people who can actually rock them -- think librarians or Steve Jobs (RIP) -- I'd say everyone else is better off staying away. Plus, people assume that if you're wearing a turtleneck, you're trying to hide something and -- regardless of whether or not that's the case -- such assumptions are usually annoying and unwelcome.

And yet, despite all of this, I felt compelled to wear one of these controversial bad boys today. I wanted to actually look put together for work (this is next to impossible to do at 3 a.m.), so I planned ahead and thought that I'd wear a classic black pencil skirt with black tights. That's as far as I made it last night. The next thing you know, I wake up in a fit of panic because I hadn't picked out my top.

What I love most about a good pencil skirt is that it's capable of being both professional and sexy without revealing too much skin. What I don't love about pencil skirts is that most women will automatically pair them with a plain ol' button-up, which is just so unbearably predictable.

Enter the turtleneck. It's a great work-friendly alternative to the button-up, and if you can find one in a demure yet playful pattern (like Parisian-influenced stripes), then you're gold! What's funny about this turtleneck is that I'm pretty sure it's the only one I own, and the only reason I've held on to it for so long is because I actually did get it in Paris like five years ago. I think I was buying it to be ironic ("Oooh look at me, I'm buying a striped turtleneck in Paris" or something like that), but lo and behold, I kind of sort of really like it.

To make the look even slightly bolder, I layered on this ornate silver statement necklace. This works well because of the overall neutral color palette I'm working with.

Shoe-wise, I don't get too adventurous when it comes to the workplace. I obviously want to be comfortable and not call attention to myself with hot pink pumps or whatever. So to complete the look, I wore these patent-leather peep toe heels. They've got a barely noticeable tuxedo-like embroidery, which gives them that "I mean business" vibe.

So there you have it. Classic + classic with a twist + bold = match-made in turtleneck heaven.

Top: Vintage

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Target

Necklace: Vintage

Shoes: Steve Madden