beachside meditation

Meditation is having a moment. From online tutorials to personal gurus to full-fledged studios, there are seemingly endless ways to tap into your inner state of zen. 

I, for one, rely predominantly on my yoga practice to provide me with a weekly dose of mindfulness. But the one or two classes I squeeze into my schedule each week can only do so much when I'm being inundated with stress 24/7. And while working out is a huge stress reliever, I could definitely benefit from more meditation in my life. 

In fact, we all could: Research has shown that meditation positively affects both the body and the brain. For example, those who regularly meditate could see a boost in their immune system, as well as improvements in cognitive functions like awareness and memory.

And with the melody of waves splashing against the shore and the seagulls gliding overhead, is there a more ideal place to connect with your innermost self than at the beach? 

Mekita Rivas