finding your zen

One of the biggest challenges of embracing a fit lifestyle is keeping yourself a) motivated and b) excited. It's one thing to actually get to the gym -- it's an entirely other thing to be pumped up about being there. I've found that the key to being truly fit and healthy is to switch things up, which can be hard for those of us who are creatures of habit (guilty). But like they say, variety is the spice of life, so don't be afraid to get spicy with your workout regimen! So all of that being said, I finally took my own advice and recently decided to pursue something I've always had an interest in but never fully understood: yoga. Let me start off by saying that I have never been much of a yogi. I took some classes in college but failed to get into it. Fast-forward to the present day and I'm kicking myself for not being more devoted all those years ago. I started taking classes again and I absolutely love it! Now admittedly, I'm probably a few months (years?) away from being able to master the crow or eight-angle pose. But I'm going in with the mindset that this is something new, fresh, and exciting that will enhance my overall approach to fitness. Not to mention, the workout itself is unlike my typical routine (a solid mix of cardio and weight lifting), which means it challenges my mind and body in a completely different -- but refreshing -- way. Holding a certain pose for more than a minute is much harder and more demanding than it looks.

Of course, what fitness post would be complete without a little anecdote about activewear? As you can imagine, what you wear to a yoga class differs a bit from what you'd wear to, say, strength train or go on a bike ride. I've noticed that I feel most mobile in form-fitting leggings/tights and sports bras. Loose-fitting tees tend to flop all over the place when I do certain poses, and that can be distracting. And while it's perfectly normal/suitable to practice yoga barefoot or wearing socks, I opted to purchase a pair of Nike Studio Wrap training shoes that are so amazing. The grips on the bottom of the soles are perfect for mastering more challenging poses (not to mention they look a lot cuter than plain black socks or sweaty feet). They are an activewear must-have in my book.

Shoes: Nike

Sports bra: Under Armour

Tights: Nike (similar)

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