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I've been on this journey toward a more active lifestyle for nine months now. I've -- at last! -- gotten to a mental state where my day feels incomplete if I don't work out (which can make rest days more frustrating than relaxing, but they're important nonetheless). The caveat that comes with frequenting the gym is the boredom that can easily follow. I've been hitting exercise plateaus more often lately, so switching up my routine is essential. As much as I love the elliptical for cardio work, it's not as challenging as the rowing machine or the StairMaster. Trying new machines, fitness classes, and other outdoor activities will help me reach -- and go beyond -- my physical potential. Of course, this is a style blog first and foremost. So what am I getting at? Well, another way I "jazz up" my workout is through my activewear. I feel 110% more confident and ready to kick some ass when I'm wearing apparel that's made for an intense gym sesh (as opposed to, say, that ratty old T-shirt and worn-out sneakers I've had since high school). My styling strategy for activewear usually involves wearing the same set of colors so I don't look like a mishmash of rainbow chaos at the gym.

In this case, I opted for all-black, head-to-toe Nike, which doubles as a great way to achieve a super-slim silhouette. Now I'm no fool -- I know how expensive quality activewear is. And more often than not, I'm definitely unwilling to pay those types of prices! As I mentioned in my last Fitness & Fashion post, the secret here is to raid and scour local outlet stores. I scored this tank top for something like $14 and the Nike Pro Core Compression Tights for less than $20 (they're usually about $50).

While I didn't get a deal on the shoes, they are worth every penny (thankfully I have a wonderful boyfriend who likes to treat me to nice things from time to time). According to the Nike website, the Nike Free 5.0 is "designed for runners new to a more natural ride." Boy, let me tell you just how natural that ride is! These photos were taken during my first workout in them and I could not believe how light on my feet I felt, not to mention how abnormally fast I ran (it's always cool when you can surprise yourself during a workout). What I love most about these shoes is the subtle, barely-there gray leopard print and the hint of neon green on the soles -- the perfect amount of color for a monotone look.

Tank top: Nike

Tights: Nike

Shoes: Nike (similar)

Socks: Nike

Sports bra: Under Armour

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